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Anti-bullying week

For anti-bullying week, we stood 'united against bullying'. We looked at a powerpoint talking about bullying and what anti-bullying week is all about. 

For our computing lesson, we watched Hectors World episode 6 - Cyber bullying. We talked about what cyber bullying is and how the characters in the video felt. We then chose a child to stand up in front of the class and wrote some positive words about them on post-it notes. We then drew pictures of ourselves and wrote words to describe us.


For PSHE, we talked about what we think anti-bullying looks like to us. Inside a puzzle piece, we drew things like sharing, being helpful, playing with our friends, including everyone and so on.


For golden time, we talked about how we are all different but we all fit a jigsaw puzzle. Inside of a puzzle piece, we all drew ourselves. This will then be pieced together and put on display in the classroom (photos coming soon).


Another activity we did was drawing ourselves as an anti bullying superhero. We thought of what our anti bullying super powers would be. Some ideas included, freezing bullies, turning baddies into kind people, catching bullies with their bubbles, super sonic hearing to help those in need and so on.