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Anna Hibiscus' Song

The next book we have been looking at during Black History Month is Anna Hibiscus' Song. We talked about the author, Atinuke, who is from Nigeria. We then looked at the first page of the book and annotated it in pairs. We thought about what this book might be about and what we noticed about the picture.


We moved onto drawing a picture of what makes us happy, and wrote a sentence using the word 'because'. We continued reading some more pages in the book and then discussed what makes us happy and unhappy. 


Taking a break from the writing, we decided to have a lesson in African dance. We were so tired but it was amazing, we had so much fun. 


In the book, Anna says 'I'm so happy I'm going to pop like a balloon soon.' We explored the idea of using simile to express our happiness. We came up with some good ideas, like, I'm so happy I could shine like a star, I'm so happy  I could float like a cloud, I'm so happy I could roar like a lion and I'm so happy I could jump like a trampoline.


We know Anna comes from 'Amazing Africa' so we discussed what we knew about Africa already and imagined what it looked like in our heads. We then listened to music and drew our interpretations of Africa.


Anna Hibiscus makes up a happiness song, so we had a go at writing our own happiness song in small groups.


In our circle time session last week (15.10.20), we talked about what us all different and special, for example, our hair, skin colour, eyes, families and so on. This week we continued the discussion of how we all look different but extended this to our interests being different as well. We talked about our likes and dislikes and celebrated all the things that we are good at doing. 


Then we played happiness charades, where we acted out something that makes us most happy and the rest of the class had to guess what that thing was. It was so much fun!


To end our 2 weeks with the book, Anna Hibiscus' song, we finally finished reading the story. To finalise this, we discussed what we liked about the book and things we didn't like about it.

Acting game - what keeps you calm and happy?

Our happiness song

What does Africa look like to you? Listening to music and drawing what we know about Africa so far...

Hibiscus drawings and colouring in