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Amazing work

If you have completed a piece of work that you are really proud of, you can ask your parents to email it to:


Examples of work could include screenshots of work completed (including TTRS scores), photographs of writing/topic work, videos etc.  It can be any piece of work that you would like to share with the rest of the year group.  We will then choose a selection of the work emailed to display on this page.


Please note - this email address is only for submitting work, we will not be replying to emails.  If you need to contact a member of staff, please use the email from the year 6 homework home page.


Jamayne's home learning

Amelia has been busy looking at sustainability with BBC bitesize. Take a look!

Thomas's notes for his virtual day trip

Jamayne's paper aeroplane

Thomas's biscuit challenge

Still image for this video

Thomas's Virtual School Journey challenges

Josh's camp fire

Josh's poster and camp fire dinner

Josh dresses up the toilet, his name? Huan Sheet !! - one of the virtual camp challenges

Josh on Virtual camp

Josh's Andy Warhol inspired art

Hana - Learning Never Stops!

Ellie's soon-to-be-trademarked Bakes

Anastasia's VE day and St George's day Projects

The Year 6 Toilet Roll Challenge

Still image for this video

Hana's creative catalogue

Millie's artwork

Ellie's Oak Academy Writing

Bracken's daily challenges

Which challenge is this? Can you work it out?
Life skills!
He looks quite happy.

What has Amelia been getting up to? An incredible range of work and activities

Hana's wonderful work

Jamayne's safety video

Still image for this video

Jamayne's hand washing

Still image for this video

Jamayne's superhero writing

Jamayne reading in unusual place

Can you work out where he is?

Yaseen's tortilla

Still image for this video

Easter eggs by Yaseen

Still image for this video

Sufyan's horse from War Horse

Ellie's Creative Writing

Sufyan's maths and science

Thomas completing one of the challenges - read in an unusual place.

Thank you Sufyan, for your debate work. I would always go for a book! Doing lots of reading at the moment. Maybe you could all share the books you are reading.
Keshav has been busy!

Well done Keshav for finishing the ship, it looks great. You really persevered with it.

From, Mr McLoughlin.