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Make a Rainbow       

There are many ways to make a rainbow, here are some ideas:
• Fill a glass with water.
• Put a mirror into the water inside the glass at an angle.
• Position the glass so that sunlight shines directly at the mirror.
• Now look at the angle of the mirror until you see a Rainbow on the wall.
• Talk about change, introduce new words: reflect, direction, shine, sunlight.
Water & Food Colouring
• Fill a bowl with water.
• Add a teaspoon of oil.
• Drop little droplets of food colouring and watch the colours disperse and become a beautiful rainbow.
• Cut out a rainbow shape colour from a paper plate and then colour your rainbow.
• Paint clothes pegs and attach them to the cloud or you can use coloured paper
Select the activity that you have the resources to explore or create your own ideas.

Rainbow of Confidence (Jaime's Brain Breaks) | Cosmic Kids

A lovely yoga brain break with Jaime from Cosmic Kids - each colour of the rainbow gives you a new level of confidence.