Whitings Hill Primary School

How do our children describe their school?

"Whitings Hill has loads of children, each enjoying themselves as the years go on. We make new friends, help each other if we feel down and make sure no one is left out. Our school has a swimming pool, a running track, a field and a big playground. All the teachers here help the children learn and become more confident. At Whitings Hill, we are one big family". (Maja, Y6).

"WHS is an exceptional school with a fantastic staff team, wonderful pupils and a robust ethos to "grow successful learners" who achieve their highest potential. Pupils strive to conduct themselves respectfully and treat each other with humanity and kindness, regardless of their differences, diverse backgrounds and personal characteristics". (Siyaan, Y6)

"Whitings Hill School is an amazing school. It is welcoming and friendly and the staff are all kind and caring. I enjoy coming to school everyday and also love the events that we have, like discos and movie nights!" (Meeya, Y6)

"Whitings HIll is a school full of amazing teachers and friendly students. It is a school that makes sure you have fun but also pushes you to work hard so that you can be the best version of yourself. I love Whitings Hill and I am so happy I come here". (Keyla, Y6)

"I would describe WHS as a vibrant, accessible and inclusive primary school that has caring, dedicated staff that nurture young minds. Our pupils are cheerful and passionate about learning. We celebrate achievements, making everyone feel welcome". (Rowan, Y6)

"Whitings Hill is a friendly school where all of the teachers are caring and kind. The children feel happy and safe. It is a school where children respect each other and learning is fun and enjoyable. The children also go on amazing trips such as visiting museums, theatres and going to the beach". (Isra, Y6)

"Every day, when I come to Whitings Hill, I come with a smile on my face because I know that I will feel safe and it will be a good day". (Teodora, ex pupil)

"We have great events and celebrations like class assemblies, Christmas shows, singing/ dancing celebrations, sports days, red nose day, summer fairs, clubs and sports teams". (Faris, ex pupil)

"Whitings Hill is an amazing school because in our school, your child would never feel like they are worthless because there would always be someone to tell them they are not. Your child would never be lonely because there would also be someone beside them who would be with them in their ups and downs" (Fassia, ex pupil)

"Whitings Hill is a splendid school where we grow successful learners. Our school is incredibly fun with the pool, where we learn to swim weekly, to the after-school clubs. Not only are the out of class activities fun but the teachers make learning inside the classroom out of this world" (Ashliya, ex pupil)

"Our school is an outstanding school that welcomes any individual from any background. We are one big community that supports one another to achieve the best education possible" (Angel, ex pupil)