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Hi Nursery! It's the last week before Half Term and we are so proud of how well you have been doing! 

Thank you for continuing to encourage and support your child with their home learning. Thank you also for  for uploading photos to Tapestry, this channel of communication is so important for maintaining home school links. We know that it is a juggling act and at times you might feel like you're struggling! But please remember your child's learning and development is so much more than the activities we share with you each week. All those family things that you do together really make a difference. So please don't feel guilty about stepping away from suggested activities to go for a family walk, or for having a catch with your child on the sofa and watching episodes of your child's favourite TV show or for even encouraging them to tidy their bedroom! There can be so many positives even in these challenging time. 

You continue to do an amazing job and we really appreciate your support. We hope you have a good week. Please be kind to yourselves.


This week we are looking at the book 'Sharing a Shell' by Julia Donaldson. It is a lovely story with the themes of sharing and kindness shining through. We hope you can find time to read and talk through the story and discuss the importance of friendship and the value of being a kind friend.

Take Care.