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7th May

Last week we had beautiful sunshine and this week we've had the rain and cold! The children have been very busy at school despite having bank holiday Monday. We’ve been practicing our reading and phonics daily, focusing on reading real and alien words. We played lots of phonics games including snakes and ladders and phonics blast off. In phonics on Friday we named aliens using the sounds we know – some of the names were very funny! In Topic we’ve continued to focus on materials. We learnt adjectives to describe different materials and created mind maps showing all of the different things that are made from materials. We’ve looked at algorithms in computing and we wrote instructions for a robot to follow. In PSHE we have focused on safety around medicines at home – the children have learnt that we always need a grown up to help us with medicine if we are not feeling well. Unfortunately we couldn’t go outside for PE as it was raining but we had a great time dancing in the classroom!