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Dear 6S,


It has been ages since we were able to be together as a class but I think about you all and what you are doing during lockdown.

I have been keeping busy working in my garden, growing seeds and cultivating them in my conservatory. Hopefully I will have a garden full of summer plants!

Darcey my dog is full of energy and needs to go for a daily walk so I am fortunate that I can go for walks with her.

Hopefully we will all be able to meet up once the government says it is safe to do so.

Keep up with your reading and on-line learning.


Stay safe.



Mrs Neighbour.





Hello 6S! If you are reading this, I would imagine that you are keeping on top of everything and keeping focussed in your learning. BBC bitesize seems to be particularly good - although I would say please don't forget to read every day too! After reading quite a few of your letters (as we post some work in Google Classrooms), there were a few striking similarities:


1) We all want to be back at school (even those who at first had a celebratory dance)

2) We all know to listen to and follow the advice on staying safe

3) We have all started to learn and socialise in a very different way


An honourary mention to Yaseen, Hrishikesh, Hana, Adar, Amelia and Tamara for completing their letters in the Google Classroom (check with your parents/carers for the text on how to set this up if unsure)


Somehow, six weeks have passed since we were all in school together. I think of you all every day (as do Mrs Neighbour and Mrs Stavrinides) and hope that you are working hard, taking care of your families and keeping safe - year 7 is coming at us full steam now! As usual, if you do complete any work please send it in to us. 


Take care

Mr Speed





Hello 6S


It's the end of the second week of cyber school and I hope you have all started to get used to all the changes in our learning. I haven't heard much from all of you; only Yaseen, Tom and Ellie have sent in work - well done to you three! Remember, we also want to hear from you and check that you are all okay. The home learning pages are filled with so many learning opportunities that I think everyone can be completing regularly. 


Somehow the Easter holidays have crept upon us which means a two week break. Use this time to appreciate your family and recharge. You could also think about learning a new skill or hobby! Foulds Primary School is where am I sometimes sent to work and it's a little surreal. A handful of children from our school attend and another handful from theirs. The children spend a couple of hours working through home learning on laptops, usually focussing on Maths and English. They then do arts and crafts and have a regular break and lunch time - what does your daily routine look like now?


If there is anything specific you need help with, or want to see more learning of, then don't forget to email.


Mr Speed



Hi 6S


I hope you're all well and keeping busy.


As for me, I'm finding time to do all things I've wanted to do and am enjoying spending time with my dog Baxter. You may have seen a picture of him on our Year 6 page. Most of all, I'm keeping in touch with everyone through the internet. What would we do without it!


I look forward to seeing your posts and hearing about what you've been doing. I'm sure you've done some amazing work.


Stay safe, and I hope to see you all soon




Ms. Stavrinides



Hello 6S!


It's the end of the first week since school has closed, and I must say that I really miss seeing and teaching all of you. I hope that you are making sense of all the home learning and that you are not feeling overwhelmed, or worse, feeling like you don't know where to start. Remember, this is all new; little and often will see you through. At home, I know that you will all be responsible and helpful with your family. I am very proud of you all and I am sure you'll be ready to face these new challenges in these uncertain times. 


For me, I am trying to keep things as normal as possible: reading widely, eating healthily and exploring new ways to teach. Oh, and I'm also trying to learn to play the guitar. It's extremely hard and I lose concentration when I'm not good at something, but I know of I keep on trying I'll get there - one day!


Please send me any work you are proud of, your own ideas, or thoughts to me at (although I can't respond via email, if they are specifically to do with 6S, I will post things onto this 'blog.')


I look forward to hearing from you and seeing what you've all been up to!


Mr Speed