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We've had a great first week back after half term! We've started reading a new book - Varjak Paw. The children have been predicting what could happen and writing in role as Varjaks family. We have also been learning about subordinating conjunctions, can you spot the Major and subordinate clauses? 

In Maths we've been looking at estimating and different checking strategies that can be used to check our answers are right.

The children had an excellent time in science this week. The were challenged to make their own working switches! It was lovely to see the childrens creativity and ideas.

In PE we have moved onto looking at dance. We are using our class topic of the Romans to help us. This week the children were learning how to march in time to the music and form a turtle formation as the real Roman soldiers would.

It is bonfire night today so the children have made firework pictures using chalk and glitter - they look great hanging up in our classroom! A great week to start the term! Enjoy the fireworks