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This week we have been busy singing our Christmas concert songs, getting ready to perform. We hope you can join us and watch live on Google meets on Monday at 2pm.


In English we have been looking at direct speech and how quotes are used in newspapers. We began planning our own newspaper articles all about the vanishings in the book Varjak Paw. In Maths we have focused on dividing by 10 and 100 and focusing on our 6x tables. We learnt that if you can multiply by 3, you can multiply by 6 because it is simply doubling the answer.


In Science we made string telephones! We learnt that the distance of the string effects the loudness of the telephone, the longer the string, the further the sound waves have to travel which makes the sound quieter. 


The children have blown me away with their scores on TT Rockstars this week and were rewarded with extra golden time. We had a great time decorating our classroom and seeing which group could make the longest paper chain. Sam and I certainly didn't expect the chains to cover the whole classroom! Keep it up year 4, it's almost Christmas!