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Another excellent week in Turquoise class.

I think the children’s favourite part of the week was when we learnt all about Roman Gladiators in Topic. The children learnt about what Gladiators fight were, who the Gladiators were and why the Romans enjoyed them so much. The children were set the task of creating a poster to advertise a Gladiator fight and later in the week painted a scene depicting a gladiator fight – they were more gory than expected!

In English, the children have worked hard writing newspaper headings and orientations. The children have learnt that headlines are short catchy lines to draw readers in and newspaper orientations provide information to answer who, what, why, when and where questions as part of a report.

In Maths we have finished looking at length and perimeter and moved onto multiplication and division. The children have been looking at place value grids to multiply and divide by 10 and 100 this week.

In Science the children learnt all about pitch and how sounds can be made higher and lower. The children explored different instruments and how they can change the frequency of the sound.

The children were desperate to play football in PE. It was great to see how involved they got – you would’ve thought they were professionals!

We’ve been busy practicing our Christmas songs – be sure to practice them at home too!