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We've been doing lots of role play this week! We've performed poems in English, focusing on similes and metaphors. We've pretended to be Roman architecture in PE, including columns, arches and bridges. In Science we pretended to be hosting a show to share information all about how sounds are heard, focusing on amplitude and the anatomy of the ear. In Maths we have been looking at adding and subtracting lengths, and perimeter and how to find missing sides from a shape.


For friendship week we created a book of kindness. In this book we included 'Friend wanted' posters, 'caught you being kind' slips, inspirational quotes about being kind and role play of how we would show kindness in particular scenarios. We are always impressed with the kindness and friendliness of the children in Turquoise, but this week they showed us just how brilliant they can be. Keep up the kindness and hard work!