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We ha a visit from Zoolab this week and met lots of interesting animals.


First we met the Giant African land snail called Clank. We learnt that he had eye stalks. Snails have 10,000 teeth on their tongues so when they lick their food it breaks down into tiny pieces. Snails are slimy- it helps them to move around and to heal any wounds.


Then we met the Giant Madagascan hissing cockroach called Frodo. The lady told us that Frodo is a boy. We can tell he's a boy because they have horns, which are used for fighting for food, a house and females. Cockroaches have poor eyesight so they have feelers to help them. They also like to eat everything like sweets, chocolate and even shoes! They have 2 brains- one in their head and one in their stomachs. They can survive for 10 days without their head.


The lady showed us her pet, Gandalf the bearded dragon. He has 3 eyes- 2 on each side and one on the top of their heads. The 2 holes on the side of his head are his ears. They have a sticky tongue so they can catch their food, like grass hoppers and worms.


Finally we met Daphney the rat who was only 2 months old! She has 2 big ears to hear. Her eyesight isn't good but she can still see. We learnt that rats whiskers help them to squeeze into small spaces and feel around. Rats are clean animals -as they bathe 25 times a day!


Thank you so much for introducing us to so many animals. All the children were so brave holding or stroking the animals!