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Times Tables Challenge


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Week beginning 27th February (8x table)

Daily champions -Tamara, Michael, Logan and Chad.

Weekly champion- Tamara narrowly beat Michael by 1 point.


Week beginning 6th March (8 x table)

Daily champions - Joseph, Mona, Millie and Ahsan

Weekly champion -another closely fought contest with Joseph being the victor.


Week beginning 13th March (12 x table)

Daily champions - Mona, joint winners(Joseph, Logan and Hana), Michael, joint winners (Tamara and Chad).

Weekly champion - We had to go to a times tables shoot out 

as Tamara and Hana both got 30. Tamara won the shoot out. Well done Tamara.


Week beginning 20th March (7 X table)

Daily champions - Tamara, Michael, Angelika and joint winners (Joseph and Mona) 

Weekly champion - We had to have another times table shoot out as both Tamara and Joseph got 31. Tamara kept her cool and won the shoot out again narrowly beating Joseph to be this week's winner. Who is going to beat her next week in the 6x table challenge?

Week beginning 27th March (6 X table)

Daily champions - Michael, Tamara, Mona and Hana

Weekly Champion - With a superb score of 37, Mona is this week's champion. Well done.

Week beginning 18th April - 9X table

Daily Champions - Mona, Michael, Angelika, Joseph

Weekly Champion -  With a magnificent score of 34, the winner was Michael. Well done.

Week beginning 25th April - 8 x table division answers

Daily Champions - Tamara, joint winners (Abi, Ellie and Mona), Angelika, Joseph

Weekly Champion- With an unbelievable score of 44, Mona was this week's winner.

Week beginning 2nd May 7 x table division answers

Daily Champions - Mona, Chad, Joseph and Tamara

Weekly Champion - For a 2nd week running, Mona produced another unbelievable score of 44. Joseph was very close on her heals in 2nd place with a score of 43. Chad has shown real resilience and determination this week by continuing to practice at home because he wanted to get into the final, his persistence paid off.

As a class the Hit the button competition has improved most children's times tables results.

Keep up the good work Year 3.

Week beginning 8th May 12 x table division answers

Daily Champions - Mona, Chad, (Angelika, Michael and Tamara-joint winners), Hana

Weekly Champion- All competitors got scores of 40 and more but with an unbelievable score of 47! Mona was this week's champion again. Well done Mona.

Week beginning 15th May - Mixed times table questions

Daily Champions - Tamara, Chad, Michael, Keshav and Hana

Weekly Champion- Well done Tamara, the winner this week.

Week beginning 22nd May -  The last week -Mixed division questions

Daily Champions - Chad, Joe, Tamara. Aaron and Keshav

Weekly Champion- Tamara - well done.


The Competition in class has now finished but remember to keep playing and practising for leisure and pleasure :-)