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Speed Stack


This challenge is a fun way to improve your hand eye coordination. The aim is to smoothly stack a pyramid of cups without knocking them over, and then dismantle your pyramid with no disasters. We watched some videos to see what the stacking challenge actually was. We watched how to do the 3-3-3 formation. We had a go ourselves and tried to get faster and faster each time.


The 3-3-3

  • You’ll need nine cups to begin with, with the aim of building three pyramids of 3 cups.
  • Lay two out on the bottom, the top it with a row of 1 cup.
  • Once you’ve built your 3 small pyramids, dismantle them into 3 columns using both hands, smoothly stacking the cups into each other.


Once we felt confident at doing the 3-3-3 formation, we moved onto doing the 3-6-3 set up.


The 3-6-3

  • Add 3 more cups to your middle column of cups.
  • Using both hands, make a small pyramid of 3 cups like you did in the 3-3-3 formation.
  • Then build a larger 6 cup pyramid in the middle, with 3 cups as the bottom row, 2 cups as the middle row and 1 cup on the top.
  • Now using your third column of 3 cups, build another small pyramid on the other side of your larger one.
  • Dismantle them as quickly as possible back into their three original columns.