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28th September 2018

Next week’s theme will be continuing with the ‘Naughty Bus’. We will be re-reading the story and creating the Naughty Bus’ next adventure. We will be retelling the story through creating story maps and sequencing the order of events and encouraging the children to create their own Naughty Bus adventure. The children will also take part in creating scenes from the Naughty Bus story and junk model vehicles in the art area.

Whose Taking Timmy and the Trophy Home This Week?

Whose Taking Timmy and the Trophy Home This Week? 1

14th September 2018

The children have settled in well and are getting to know each other and our class routines.

We will display our weekly timetables on the windows near the entrance to the classroom for you all to have a look at.

Next week we will be exploring the book ‘Mess Monsters’ by Beth Shoshan. The story reinforces the importance of looking after our toys and equipment and tidying up after we have finished playing. The children will be working hard to develop this skill and will learn about how they can have an effect on improving our environment, pollution and recycling. Continuing with this theme the children will have fun creating some brilliant pieces of Monster art as well as learning the Mess Monster song.