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The whole school dressed up on Wednesday, 2nd March to celebrate World Book Day. A winner was chosen from each class for the best costume and they were taken, in full costume, to Waterstone's in Barnet to choose a book prize.    


Find out about some of the reading activities we do to help children become confident readers who love books and some reading activities you can do at home.  

Travelling Book Fair

The Travelling Book Fair visited the school for a week from Monday, 30th November to Thursday, 3rd December and brought along a great range of books for all ages. Thank you to everyone who came along and supported the school by buying books. We raised £280 to spend on books for the school which will help to add more exciting books to the class libraries.

Reception and KS1 Bedtime Story

Reception and KS1 Bedtime Story 1

On Wednesday, 2nd December we had our first bedtime story for Reception and KS1. Children and parents were invited back to school at 6pm with their pyjamas, pillows and teddy bears to share some bedtime stories. Thank you to everyone who attended. It was a lovely event. 

Neil Griffiths

On Wednesday 25th November, we were very lucky to have the author Neil Griffiths visit our school. His highly interactive storytelling session with the whole school entertained everyone, from Reception to Year 6, and had the whole school laughing (and itching!). This was followed by an equally engaging workshop for parents exploring story-telling techniques and how to support and enjoy reading at home. Neil really highlighted the crucial role parents have in developing and supporting their children’s love of reading.


Feedback comments from parents included:

“Inspirational presentation. Really funny guy. Thanks for the tips.”

“What a lovely event. Thank you very much. We do forget sometimes how reading together is important.”

“Beautifully presented. The role paly with Mrs Patel really hit home… let your guard down and just enjoy stories together.”

 “Wonderful idea to invite Neil. What an exceptional person! So inspiring and fun!”

“Fabulous! Every parent should hear Neil speak.”


If you missed his talk with parents, click on the 'Reading at home' link above to see a video of Neil talking about the importance of sharing stories at home and helping to develop a lifelong love of reading and offering some tips on how to make the storytelling fun and engaging.