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Pizza Express

We were so excited for our Pizza Express trip. When we got to the restaurant, we all washed our hands and got a numbered hat! It was our job to remember our number. We stood around the table, with our aprons on, ready to make our pizzas! First we received our pizza dough and had to create the crust by using 3 fingers to push the dough the edge of the pizza tin. Then we added tomato sauce, cheese and finally oregano and pepper for some seasoning. Our special numbers were called out and placed on our pizzas so we knew which one we made. At last our pizzas were ready to go in the oven! 

Before we left the restaurant, we had to get ready. We collected our belongings and wore a special ‘Whitings Hill Primary’ Hi-vis jacket. We had to walk sensibly down the street and when crossing the roads. We LOVED getting on the 384 bus and sitting with our friends. Along our journey we spotted familiar places like the roads we live on, Barnet hospital, bus stops we use and of course our school. When we got back to school, we washed our hands, got our water bottles and had a slice of our pizza.