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Open Space Trip

We loved our first trip! All the grown ups were super impressed with our listening to and following instructions. We were aware of how to stay safe on our walk and the potential dangers - staying with our groups and adults, crossing the road, strangers, dogs, icy and muddy conditions etc


We walked through the open space and found a little bridge. We crossed over and found a little wooded area. Here, we were given a challenge to build a shelter for a woodland creature using materials we could find in the the forest around us. We were able to find a variety of different sized sticks, leaves, bark and dried grass near the stream. We worked in small groups and at the end we had a go at explaining what kind of materials we used. 

We loved this experience. On our way back to school, we continue our walk from the bridge and walked up the hill. At the top of the hill, we could see our school and Barnet Hospital! Some of us noticed other things such as a crane and a bus.


After the trip, the children discussed in small groups the animal homes they built in the open space. They told each other what they used and how they built it. They also talked about what special features they made for the shelters such as a slide, a bath and a roof. On a large piece of paper, the children drew their animal shelters. Some of the children labelled their drawing or wrote a sentence and other explained what they had drawn.