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Oh no George!

Oh No George!

The story we have been focussing on in the last 2 weeks was 'Oh No George!'. We have been extremely busy taking part in so many activities.


Week 1

Our role play area transformed into a Vets. We had so much fun dressing up, making appointments and looking after the animals. We had a circle time sharing photos of our pets, made books about our pets, played a vets game on 'Simple City' and drew pictures of our pets on '2 paint a picture'. As the book 'Oh No George!' was introduced, we found out George was a naughty dog although he tried really hard to be good. We decided to write letters to George, giving him some ideas about how he could make Harris feel better.


Week 2

To start off week 2, we become actors and role played parts of the story. We talked about how the characters might be feeling/thinking and then had to freeze in that position. We were tapped on the head and had to say what we were thinking. We then wrote what the character was thinking in thought bubbles. We also made our own 'Oh No George!' books. Some of us retold the story and some of us created new adventures for George. We also used the program '2 paint a picture' to draw a new setting for George.