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19th October 2018

We have loved exploring the story of Handa’s Surprise this week. We made some wonderful kente patterns, animal silhouettes and enjoyed cutting, peeling and tasting various fruit. The story was very popular with lots of children acting it out!  Please look at the children’s Handa’s Surprise display.


After Half term we will be looking at the Story ‘Room on the Broom.’  The children will be role playing the story, drawing favourite characters and making spells. They will be making their own wands and magic potions.  If you could bring in some short sturdy sticks to make wands out of, that would be fantastic!

12th October 2018

We have loved exploring People who help us this week. We had a visit from a police officer, discussing how he helps people. The children drew their own picture of what they would like to be when they are older.

Next week’s theme will be, ‘Handa’s Surprise’. We will be reading the story and focus on African culture. We will be retelling the story through mark making and role play, recreating ‘Kente patterns’, listening to African music and exploring instruments. We will also experience tasting different fruits from the story and around the world. Please could your children bring in one piece of fruit for example a pineapple, mango, avocado or guava The children will share and talk about the fruit - where it is from and use their senses to explore and discuss the fruits.

5th October 2018

This week we looked at the book ‘Naughty Bus’. We read the book and retold the story focusing on sentence structure, painting roads and buses, made bus tickets and role played getting on the bus. We also made buses from junk modelling; made maps of the route the bus would take and shared writing about Naughty Buses adventures.


Next week we will be exploring the topic ‘People Who Help Us.’ Together we will explore the book ‘What Do Grown-Ups Do All Day?’ by Virginie Morgand. The children will take part in carpet time discussions about different types of jobs and what these jobs involve. The children will think about what job they would like to do when they grow up and draw a picture of this and explain why they have chosen this job. This topic links with our whole school theme this week, ‘Big Me!’ The children’s work will be used to create a display that celebrates aspirations for jobs they would like to do when they grow up.