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16th March 2018

This week the children had lots of fun learning about space. Following the drama workshop that the children took part in the children went on to learn about how to travel into space, what they would need for a space adventure and what is in space. The children wowed us with the amazing alien and rocket models which they created using a range of creative skills, tools and techniques. At the end of the week the children became astronauts and used their imagination to travel to space where they learnt the number skill, doubling. They applied the skill of doubling to make alien salt dough.


Next week this theme will continue and the children will enjoy exploring the story ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ by Claire Freedman. They enjoyed taking part in writing questions to the aliens and imaginative ideas about what they would do if an alien came to visit. They will use the dough that they made this week and add a variety of material to create their very own aliens. Also, next Friday the children will take part in Sports Relief by joining in a sporty activity to raise money and help vulnerable people across the U.K to live healthier and safer lives.

Who is taking Ella and the trophy home this weekend?

Who is taking Ella and the trophy home this weekend? 1
Who is taking Ella and the trophy home this weekend? 2

9th March 2018

This week we looked at the story ‘Mess Monsters.’ They are naughty monsters that come out at night and make a big mess that needs to be tidied up. We talked to the children about the importance of looking after our belongings, keeping our classroom tidy so things don’t get broken and being respectful of each other. The children have been amazing at keeping the room tidy and trying to put things away when they have finished and not being ‘Mess Monsters’ themselves! Hopefully this good attitude will continue at home too!


Next week we will be learning about Space. Following a drama workshop the children took part in, we will be talking about how we travel into space, what we might need to go on a space adventure and what is in Space. We will be looking at lots of different stories and making our own aliens and rockets too.

Who is taking Ella and the trophy home this weekend?

Who is taking Ella and the trophy home this weekend? 1
Who is taking Ella and the trophy home this weekend? 2

1st March 2018

This week we celebrated World Book Day! Each day the children explored a different book. These included ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, ‘The Gruffalo’, ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ and ‘Rumble in the Jungle.’ The children had fun dressing up as these characters and role playing the stories. They applied literacy skills to create story maps, lists, stories, character descriptions, as well as painting and collaging the characters.


On Tuesday 27th February the children bought in their favourite book and dressed up as their favourite book character. In the afternoon the Mad Hatters tea party took place and the children enjoyed drinking juice from teapots and eating iced buns. It was lovely to see so many parents and carers joining us on this special occasion.


Next week we will be exploring the book ‘Mess Monsters’ by Beth Shoshan. The story reinforces the importance of looking after our toys and equipment and tidying up after we have finished playing. The children will be working hard to develop this skill and will learn about how they can have an effect on improving our environment, pollution and recycling. Continuing with this theme the children will have fun creating some brilliant pieces of Monster art as well as learning the Mess Monster song.