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22nd March 2019

We had lots of lovely story telling this week as the children became familiar with the ‘Owl Babies’ story. They started to retell their own versions. We used the internet to find some owl facts and we listened to night time sounds you may hear in the woods.

We have been working hard on our poem and songs ready for the upcoming performance. Please don’t forget to put the date in your diary. It’s Wednesday the 3rd of April at 9.30, in the main hall. Lots of children are already familiar with the words.

As the next two weeks will be very busy with Mother’s day and Easter activities we are going to give the children a chance to spend time creating their own cards for both occasions! So there will be lots of art activities and name writing going on!

Next Friday, the 29th, there will be no nursery swimming session. Sessions will resume after Easter.

14th March 2019

Another busy week for your children with lots of windy weather to enjoy! Next week we will be continuing our Power of Reading book, ‘Owl Babies’  This week we have had lots of discussions about how the poor owl babies were very worried when their mum went off to find food! Please do encourage your child to talk about the story and characters from any books that you read to them. Comprehension is a very important part of reading, so best to start young! There are some good pointers for pre reading ideas on (Go to the reading section and select ‘age 3-4’ getting ready for reading-things to try with your child.) This site also has eBooks with some nice stories.

We will also carry on with the themes babies of all kinds and shapes. We had some very good budding house builders who made shelters for the animals using the construction bricks. So next week we will encourage them to extend these skills and use some of the junk modelling boxes.

Our songs for the school Song Festival, which will take place on the 3rd of April at 9.30am, are coming on well. You are invited in to hear the children sing and recite a poem as part of the festival. (If your child attends our PM session and wants to take part, parents/carers are very welcome to bring them in at 9.20am and take them home after the festival.)

8th March 2019

We had an exciting week with all the lovely book characters coming into school on Tuesday! It was lovely to see all the children and staff dressed up for World Book Day. We will be changing our Power of Reading book to ‘Owl Babies’ next week and to fit with the theme we will extend our activities to include babies of all kinds!

The children will also be investigating shapes and finding out how important shapes are in building houses, bridges and other structures in the environment around them.

We have started to learn our songs for the school Song Festival, which will take place in April. You will be invited in to hear the children sing and recite a poem as part of the festival. So you may hear them singing the songs at home as they become familiar with them.

Thank you to everyone who brought in some kitchen roll or tissues, all very gratefully received!

1st March 2019

We hope you all enjoyed your half term break, with all that lovely weather. The children were all very pleased to meet up with their friends in nursery again and have been very enthusiastic about our underwater theme.

This week we have been finding out all about fish. Our Power of Reading book is ‘Hooray for Fish’ The children have been discussing which fish they like best from the illustrations, using lots of descriptive language to explain which one they like. The book also has rhyme in it so we have been finding the rhyming words in the book and also making up our own fishy rhymes! We are going to continue with this theme next week with an ‘underwater’ role play area where we will be encouraging the children to use the small world toys to make up imaginative stories. Our art activities will include learning some new art techniques, like colour washing and printing. We will be also be finding more facts on the internet and listening to watery music!