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24th March 2017

This week our theme has been ‘Spring/Easter’. We introduced the season of spring and talked about Easter, an event that some people celebrate. We made spring gardens using playdough and natural materials, went on an Easter egg hunt, made our own Easter cards and made chocolate spring nests.


After the holidays, we will look into the theme of Spring in more detail. We will be painting spring scenes, going on a ‘senses’ walk around the playground, reading books related to spring and we will be drawing spring pictures while listening to the sounds of spring.


We are also planning to make spring collages using a variety of natural materials such as, flowers, leaves, twigs, grass and so on. Could you please collect these kinds of materials over the holidays and bring them in for the children.

Who will take Ella and the trophy home for the holidays?
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24th March 2017

This week we continued looking at the text, Aaaarrgghh! Spider! We looked at the story in more detail and role played parts of the story through freeze framing. We filled in thought bubbles to convey what the characters were feeling; we also learnt more facts about spiders by researching the internet and we made glittery spider webs. We also shared your spider or mini-beast themed books throughout the week. It was nice sharing a variety of texts with the children.


Our theme next week will be ‘Spring/Easter’. We will be talking about Easter and the season it falls in, going on an Easter egg hunt, writing in Easter cards and making chocolate spring nests.


We will also be making ‘spring gardens’ in our playdough area next week. Please could you bring in flowers, plants or leaves that we could use to create a garden.

Who is taking the trophy home this week?
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17th March 2017

What a busy week we have had! We started the week with our trip to Barnet Countryside Centre. All the children had a fantastic time and learnt lots about natural habitats, animals that are camouflaged and mini-beasts. The highlight was having a picnic lunch and travelling on the bus! We have also been writing about our trip, doing mini-beast hunts and making spiders using different materials.


Next week we will continue looking at the text next week. We will be talking about the story in more detail, learning more facts about spiders and making webs. Please could you bring in any boxes or containers as the children will be making more spiders and homes for them. Please ensure all containers do not contain traces of nuts. If you have any books on spiders or other mini-beasts, could you please bring them in. These could be stories or non-fiction books. It will be nice to share these different texts with the children throughout the week.

10th March 2017

This week we have continued with our Jungle theme. We have re- read the story, ‘Jazzy in the Jungle’ and used the book to role play the story. We looked closely at animal textures, became jungle explorers, made non-fiction books and researched facts about animals on Google.


Next week we will be learning about minibeasts! We will read the story of ‘Aargh Spider’ and talk about Spiders. Activities will include painting mini-beasts, making webs, looking at non- fiction texts about spiders and making our own factual books on spiders. We would like to make egg box spiders so any donations of empty clean egg boxes would be appreciated.

Who is taking Ella and the trophy home this week?
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3rd March 2017

This week we have read the story ‘Jazzy in the Jungle’. We listened to videos of rainforest/jungle sounds and drew what we thought a jungle looked like. We also made jungle collages by using a variety of materials and made up and told our own jungle stories.


Next week we will continue the theme of ‘The Jungle’ and continuing looking at the text, ‘Jazzy in the Jungle’. We will role play the story, look closely at animal textures, and become jungle explorers.

Who will take Ella and the trophy home this week?
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