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29th June 2018

The children who will be in nursery next year came to visit this week. Our present nursery kindly went off to play in the community room with Ms Patel while they visited. We have been enjoying the ducklings. All the children have been very kind and gentle with them. Some children even sing songs to the ducklings! This week we have noticed how much they have grown. They had a swimming lesson out in the sunshine and all six of them are doing very well. We have twelve ducks in school at present. Sadly six of the ducklings will be going back to the farm this week. But six will be staying in school. Their new home is being built round by the raised flower bed area.

15th June 2018

Thank you to everyone who came to our sports activity sessions. The children all really enjoyed themselves. They completed all the activities and everyone got a gold medal and an ice pop at the end.

A big thank you to all the children in 4M, for setting up, helping with the activities and clearing away. They did a great job!

Zoo lab came today and we saw lots of interesting things. We learnt some interesting facts about the animals. Everyone listened really well and followed the instructions, so as not to frighten the animals.

Next week the duck eggs arrive. The incubator will be in nursery and the children will be able to watch the ducklings hatch. Miss Cowling is our resident duck expert so she will be in charge! The children learn a lot from this experience as we have to take care of the ducklings for about a week after they hatch.

8th June 2018

The children have enjoyed role playing in the hospital and playing lots of police games this week.

This half term is always a busy one as lots of activities happen in school. I am going to put a list of up and coming events on this letter so you don’t miss anything!

Next Thursday 14th-is sports activity day- (see the details in the box) if you can come and encourage your child with the activities please do try and come. The children complete a circuit of activities up on the field. (Weather permitting!) Once everyone has had a go on all the stations, we come back down to the nursery for a drink and a little award ceremony for everyone that took part.

Next Friday 15th-there is the Father’s day shop. Children can bring in £2.00 and buy a present to give to their dads on Sunday.

Zoo Lab is also coming on Friday 15th- Zoo Lab has been before, they are very good and the children always get a lot from the visit. They bring a selection of insects and small animals for the children to see up close! (There will be a charge for this activity details to follow.)