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14th June 2019

This week we have discussed the story of the ‘Tortoise and the Hare.’ The children enjoyed the story, writing character descriptions and mapped out the story. We even had a surprise visit from a real life tortoise ‘Trigger.’

In Maths we have been busy measuring different objects using a variety of equipment. The children particularly enjoyed using a height chart to measure their own heights.

7th June 2019

This week the children enjoyed the story ‘George Saves the World by Lunchtime’ by Jo Readman and Ley Honor Roberts. This book engaged the children in learning about the four Rs; Recycle, Repair, Reuse and Reduce. We also discussed the problem with plastic polluting our oceans. The children were shocked to see images of beaches filled with plastic which inspired them to create posters to ‘Save our Oceans.’ Reception also enjoyed creating sea creatures using recyclable materials. They created a giant turtle using plastic materials and turned plastic bottles into fish! In maths we have been busy counting to 100 in 1s and 10s. Children were also introduced to counting in 2s and 5s.