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15th June 2018

This week has been full of exercise, healthy eating and drinking. We focussed on ‘Healthy lifestyle’. We had an amazing skipping workshop where we learnt lots of new skills and of course sports day. We have had many discussions about exercise and how to keep healthy. Throughout the week we have been sharing the food and exercise journals the children have been filling out at home. We used various materials to make healthy meals on paper plates, we wrote healthy living books, and practised games for Sports Day. Some of us also wrote a recount of our sports day experience.


Next week we will be looking at ‘Flat Stanley’. Flat Stanley is a character who is flattened by a billboard but he uses this opportunity to visit the world. We will read the story and talk about where we would go if we were flat like Stanley. We’ll be writing postcards, investigating maps and turning our writing area into a travel agent’s. We will see the different countries Stanley has visited and children investigate facts about these countries.


We’ll be sending home ‘Flat Stanley’ homework. Children can spend the week taking flat Stanley to different places. Please see attached sheet regarding homework we have set for the week. This homework should be completed and returned to school on Friday 22nd June. We will share these with the class on Friday.

Whose Taking Timmy and the Trophy Home Today?

Whose Taking Timmy and the Trophy Home Today? 1

8th June 2018

This week, we’ve been enjoying talking about superheroes! We loved turning ourselves into mini superheroes, dressing up and role playing and making our own superhero masks and watches. We also looked at the story ‘Supertato’- a superhero potato who tries to save his vegetable and fruit friends from the evil pea! We read the story, designed our own vegetable superhero, and we explored how the characters were feeling in the story through role play and use speech bubbles.


Next week, we will be focussing on healthy lifestyle. Activities next week will include reading the story of ‘The Champion Hare’, making healthy living posters and practising games for Sports Day. As part of healthy lifestyle week, we will be talking about exercise and how to keep healthy. We will be giving each child their own food and exercise journal for the week, and ask that you help your child to complete this on a daily basis. They will be given the opportunity to share their diaries with the class.

We will also be taking part in a skipping workshop next Tuesday.

Whose Taking Timmy and the Trophy Home Today?

Whose Taking Timmy and the Trophy Home Today? 1
Whose Taking Timmy and the Trophy Home Today? 2