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Friday 30th June 2017

This week the children have been very active! We talked about how to stay fit and eat healthily, did lots of exercising like dancing, yoga and physical activities. We also made medals in preparation for sports day. Sports Day was a great success and it was lovely to see so many of you there.


Next week Ark Farm will be visiting. We are very excited to see all the farm animals. We will be looking at the farmyard story, ‘What the ladybird heard’. We will be making books and writing recounts about Ark Farm and looking at stories and non-fiction texts about farm animals. We will be making animals in lots of different ways!

Friday 23rd June

This week was International Week. The children had a great time learning about other countries and looking at world maps and countries we have visited. We turned our maths area into an international shop and used money to buy items from the shop and take turns as shopkeeper!

We celebrated the home languages spoken by our families and on Tuesday we had a food tasting afternoon with traditional dishes from other countries which included Samosas, Sushi, Toad in the hole and many more!

We were also very lucky to watch our ducklings hatch and grow bigger. Sadly, we will be saying goodbye to them today and they will be moving on to new homes!


Next week will be Sports Week. Activities next week will include reading the story of ‘The champion Hare’, making healthy living posters and practising games for Sports Day.

As part of Sports week we will be talking about exercise and how to keep healthy. On Monday, we will be giving each child their own exercise diary for the week, and ask that you help your child to complete this on a daily basis. They will be given the opportunity to share their diaries with the class.

16th June 2017


This week, Flat Stanley continued his travels around the world. He went to Greece, Egypt and Australia. We made Greek mosaics and made fact books about Greece. We held our own counting Olympic games and tasted some pitta bread and dips! We learnt about ancient Egypt and had a go at writing hieroglyphics.

Next week will be International Week. We will learn more about different countries and looking at world maps and countries we have visited. We will turn our maths area into an international shop and talk about money.

We will also be celebrating the home languages spoken by our families. As part of this we would like to ask parents to volunteer to come into our class and teach us your home different language. You can do this through reading a story and translating it, teaching a song or counting. If you are interested, speak to the Reception staff to arrange days and times you want to come in.

Who is taking Timmy and Freddy home this week?
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9th June 2017

Welcome back we hope you enjoyed your half term break! The children were very excited to share their flat Stanley adventures with their friends.

Flat Stanley was very busy and we have made class books of his adventures.

This week, class activities have included writing postcards, investigating maps and turning our home corner into a travel agent’s. The children explored where they would choose to go in the world if they were flat like Stanley!

Stanley visited Italy and Spain this week and children investigated facts about these countries. Next week Stanley will be travelling around the world to Greece, Egypt and Australia. Activities will include making Greek mosaics, writing hieroglyphics, making clay pots, tasting pitta bread and dips and recreating Aboriginal Art.

Who is taking Freddy home this week?
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