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June 2018

June 2018


Summer is here in all its glory and along with longer days and sunshine 4M have got an action packed month. A month which will see us showing what we've learnt throughout the year, preparing for Year Five by plugging gaps in our knowledge and skills as well as having fun and making memories for the future.


This half term we will spend a significant part of our Maths and English lessons applying what we have been learning throughout the year. This gives the children the chance to embed their learning as they apply their knowledge and skills in a variety of situations and contexts. For example in English we will spend time making two minute advert films. The children will be applying much of what they've learnt including, using the computer app Movie Maker, writing using persuasive language, using alliteration, researching images, using different types of sentences and creating compound and complex sentences. All this and the children thoroughly enjoy themselves - it's a win win situation.


Our English topic 'Persuasive Writing - Advertisements and Letters' will take up most of this half term and provides many opportunities to practise our growing understanding of grammar. The children have worked so hard on their grammar learning and it is so pleasing when they spot different types of clause and name them. For example the children can find a reporting clause, a subordinate clause or a fronted adverbial clause in a text and tell me how they know which is which. I don't know about you but I think that's impressive coming from an 8/9 year old. They are all proud of their efforts with grammar (which can be very tricky) and rightly so, it's their own efforts which have led them to making such terrific progress.


Our Maths lessons will be heavily based on investigations as these allow me to pick up quickly any knowledge gaps. Once I've spotted a gap we will spend time practising what we need to and then doing another investigation type activity to see if the gap is gone. In this way the children should be ready to continue their learning in Year Five based on the expectations for that year group.


We we be starting our final topic of this school year in mid-June (we have a couple of things we need to finish off in our Extraordinary Egyptians topic work first). Our new topic is science based and called 'Food Glorious Food' it will involve finding out about states of matter - liquids, solids and gases, reversible and irreversible changes, food preparation and using equipment (potato peelers etc), digestion and teeth.


We have two important weeks coming up in June. The week beginning Monday 19th June is our whole school theme week 'International Week' It fits perfectly with our Food Glorious Food topic so expect an invitation to join us at some point that week to take part in an afternoon of fun and learning. The week after this is assessment week and during this week the children will complete tests to show what they have learnt this year. These tests are nothing to worry about as they are based solely on the things we have learnt this year and the children are always eager to demonstrate what they know.


At the end of June we will be having a lolly stall at the Whitings Hill Summer Fair. Please show your support by donating lollies we can sell and then of course buying them back! All the money raised goes on the children and we are very grateful for your support.


Lastly, the children are getting excited about our July visit to Woburn Safari Park.