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13th July 2018

The children all enjoyed their outing to the Ice cream farm this week. We had lots of chat about the day when they came back to nursery. Thank you for all your support in enabling us to have a lovely day out. As most of our children will be going up to reception it is always a good chance for everyone to meet up properly. We hope you all enjoyed the day and had a chance to chat and get to know lots of other parents and children.

Next week we are going to finish off our big tidy up, leaving the nursery ready for next year’s nursery children.

We will be having our awards ceremonies next Tuesday,

11.00 for the AM children

2.45 for the PM children

(If your child does 30 hours we will do theirs in the afternoon, unless you tell us otherwise.)

We are going to have little end of year parties for the children on Wednesday. The children will make their own sandwiches in nursery and the school will provide other party food, so no need to bring anything in this time. The children can wear party clothes if they want to.