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2nd February 2017

This week we have been looking at fruit and vegetables. Lots of children knew the names of a big variety of fruit and veg. So I am sure you have all been doing your vocabulary homework! We did lots of sorting and counting and some children even priced a selection of fruit and vegetables for a pretend shop.

We have choreographed our dance routine for the Elvis Presley Hound Dog song and the children are all very keen, so far! I have just found out that both shows are in the afternoon, so we are going to invite the morning parents in to see the dress rehearsal. This will be on Monday the 26th of March at 9.30. The nursery children will go on first. (Nursery parents will have the option to leave after our dance, as the whole school rehearsal will last quite long time!) The afternoon children’s dance will be on Wednesday the 28th of March.