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23rd February 2018

This week we have been looking at our favourite stories. Some of the children have been able to tell us about the stories they like and why they like them. We have seen lots of different books over the week and it has been lovely to hear how you all read stories to the children at home. We have also been looking at numerals and playing lots of counting and matching games. Lots of the children are beginning to recognise numbers now so as we had a short week we are going to carry these games on next week. If you are out with your child you can help them by looking at numbers to 10 you see around in the environment, on doors, number plates and price tags. Just tell them which numbers they are to begin with and they will soon start to remember them.

9th February 2018

Another busy week! We made lots of puppets and had lots of puppet shows over the week. The children enjoyed having grownups in to help them with some puppet making at the beginning of the week. Don’t worry if you didn’t get a chance to come in this time. When the weather gets warmer we will have some sessions set aside for parents to come in and read stories to their children using our outside story shed and the outside area

The children have made good use of the puppet theatre and lots of them are beginning to tell their own stories. This is another great pre reading skill that you may want to encourage at home. So if you are at home or traveling somewhere over the half term try starting them off, ‘Once upon a time there was a little bird sitting in a tree, and then……’ To begin with the stories will probably be very short, but with encouragement from you they will develop the idea of characters and plots. They will start to understand the concept that all stories have a ‘beginning, middle and end’

2nd February 2017

This week we have been looking at fruit and vegetables. Lots of children knew the names of a big variety of fruit and veg. So I am sure you have all been doing your vocabulary homework! We did lots of sorting and counting and some children even priced a selection of fruit and vegetables for a pretend shop.

We have choreographed our dance routine for the Elvis Presley Hound Dog song and the children are all very keen, so far! I have just found out that both shows are in the afternoon, so we are going to invite the morning parents in to see the dress rehearsal. This will be on Monday the 26th of March at 9.30. The nursery children will go on first. (Nursery parents will have the option to leave after our dance, as the whole school rehearsal will last quite long time!) The afternoon children’s dance will be on Wednesday the 28th of March.