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27th April 2018

A big welcome to all our new children and their families! Everyone has started now and we are quickly getting back into our routine. We had a big sort out this week. The children have been very helpful and we took advantage of lots of learning opportunities as we worked. The outside area also got a good clear out, ready for the summer activities.

Next week we are going to explore colour. We will be mixing paints, reading stories about colours, making books about colours, finding different coloured objects, comparing shades of colour and using some vegetables to dye cloth!

20th April 2018

A big welcome to all our new children and their families! The new children who started this week are all doing well and all the children in nursery have been very welcoming and helpful during the settling in process.

We started to have a big sort out this week, looking in the boxes and making sure everything is in the right place. The children have been very busy, sorting, washing, labelling and checking all the toys. We are also doing the outside area so we are carrying this theme on next week. Surprisingly, there are a lot of great learning opportunities in this type of activity. So you may want to encourage little helpers with your spring cleaning jobs! Sorting by colour, sorting by shape, estimating how many, counting how many, putting one more and talking about what we are doing. All these things involve lots of positional language, under, inside, on top, behind etc. Looking at the labels and recognising letter sounds, naming things and learning new vocabulary. Sharing and taking turns, making relationships, improving hand strength and making decisions. The opportunities are endless.